RCJ Construction

I have 30 years experience in the trades. I started out as a union sheet metal worker and spent 13 years in the union. Not only did I learn my trade, but I was groomed early to be a leader and run work, which I did for most of my tenure as a sheet metal worker.

I spent the next few years as an iron worker. This gave me a new perspective on the "actual" building of "buildings".

I then furthered my learning as a fabricator where precision was a way of life.

When I started working as a carpenter for a home builder, I became aware that building homes was more than just cutting 2x4's and pounding nails. Applying everything I had learned up to that point helped in the building and remodeling of both million dollar homes, and homes for the more modest man, such as myself.

Where the other trades failed in keeping my interest peaked, home building and repair offers new challenges with each new job.